Dessert :: Alfajores / Sugar Cookies with Dulce de Leche


I'm sharing my favorite Latin American cookie known as an alfajor (alpha-whore). The phonetic spelling is hilarious! I fell in love with this cookie upon my first visit to Argentina and have sought to perfect my recipe ever since. No baking experience needed! You will learn simple baking method terminology applied to this cookie recipe. Skills that will translate into all baking principles. For the experienced baker, you will learn the best practices to make this cookie recipe manageable rather than uphold it's reputation to be difficult to master.


Prior to class, you will receive an email with a grocery list, equipment list, and recipes to prepare for your class. After class, Chef Maribel is available for questions via email and social media channels. 

In this class, we bake:
  • sugar cookies
  • assemble our sugar cookies with dulce de leche

Live Class Topics 
  • baking mise en place (everything in its place) readiness
  • basic baking knowledge to tackle any cookie recipe
  • understanding the differences in butter fat content. 
  • discuss how to make dulce de leche