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What's Included? 

This class is perfect for couples, travel hungry individuals, and foodies wanting a food experience with historical and cultural context of the national dish of Peru, ceviche. I share my chef stories from my time in Lima working with top Peruvian chefs.  I share my recipe for making the best ceviche as served in my critically acclaimed Peruvian restaurant, Yuyo. I attribute my recognition from the James Beard Foundation for Best Chef in 2019 to my ceviche bar menu. In this class you learn my exact recipe for making award winning ceviche. 

You will be the rockstar at your next gathering and have stories to tell. 

blue ceramic bowl with a white looking sauce and fish
  • Class capacity 20 person maximum and 4 person minimum. Each person has their own work station to make their own ceviche. 
  • Ingredients provided sushi grade fish, leche de tigre ingredients, specialty Peruvian imported ingredients
  • Equipment provided sushi knife, cutting boards, bowls, and other auxiliary tools needed for class. Bring your own sharp chef's knife for maximum comfortability. 
  • Class duration includes 1 hour 1/2 instruction. We start class with a welcoming Pisco cocktail or non-alcoholic cocktail.  We end class enjoying your own ceviche creation.  
  • Class location is in the Mueller mixed use development on               2100 Robert Browning Street, Austin, TX 78723.
  • Ceviche Level I you learn how to make leche de tigre and a classic Peruvian style ceviche. You also learn knife skills to precisely cut garnishes for your ceviche. 
  • Ceviche Level II With knife cuts and understanding how to make a balanced leche de tigre, you can now change the citrus marinade flavor by adding aji amarillo paste or rocotto paste to make to unique ceviche flavors. We continue to work on perfecting sashimi cuts to make a Peruvian crudo known as a tiradito. 
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​​Chef Maribel Rivero

My cooking style reflects the summary of my experiences most recently as an executive chef of a critically acclaimed Peruvian restaurant called Yuyo. Living and working in Peru, Uruguay, and Bolivia. My cooking knowledge is enhanced with my culinary education and intensive Latin Cuisine certificate attained at the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio. Growing up with influences from my grandparents Mexican food factory helped shape my love for Mexican cuisine. 

Do you still offer virtual classes for ceviche? 

Yes! In the summer of 2020, I successfully taught private groups and individuals online via zoom. The benefit to doing virtual classes includes using your own kitchen and equipment which increases your likelihood to repeat any learned recipe. Also, virtual classes have the ability to unite families and friends in various cities. 

Will I learn how to buy fish for ceviche? 

Yes, I will give you a guide on how to buy fish at your local market, questions to ask your fish monger to ensure you are getting the freshest fish, and a list of fish suitable for ceviche. In class, I demonstrate how to store fish to maintain it's freshness. Lastly, you will learn how to cut fish perfect for a palatable Peruvian ceviche. 

Do I need to be an advanced cook for this class?

No, you do not need to be an advance cook for the ceviche level I class.  I take you step by step from knife skills handling a knife, cutting fine and precisely vegetables, to cutting a fish filet. We cover all the basics and give tips and tricks while we are cooking together. 

Ceviche Class Level I

Understanding the  components  of a balanced                       ceviche

Knife skills, fish butchery, cultural experience, leche de                   tigre 

Bienvenido cocktail + ceviche


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Ceviche Class Level II

Building a 2 ceviche leche de tigre sauces with aji amarillo                   and rocotto 

Sashimi knife skills for Peruvian crudo known as tiradito. 

Bienvenido cocktail + tiradito


Yes, Maribel! I'm In!