Welcome to Cocina Maribel

28.10.20 05:47 PM By Maribel Rivero

¡Bienvenido! Welcome to my humble kitchen in Austin, Texas. The kitchen has become my stage where I demonstrate and share cooking tips, recipes, and stories from my culinary journey. I am excited to share knowledge I’ve gained to you. I’ve trained in culinary programs. I’ve worked in and led kitchens at award-winning restaurants. I took a cook’s tour through South America immersing myself in Bolivia connecting with my heritage, traveling and living in Peru learning from top chefs. Some of you may know me as the Executive Chef of Yuyo -- Austin’s first and only contemporary Peruvian restaurant in 2017.

The foods and stories I will share here are the summary of my experiences in the kitchen, and an exploration of ingredients and methods of our American ancestors from South America to North America. I call it Cocina Maribel.